What is Creo

Creo – Positano Glasses is an artisanal eyewear workshop.

A place where you can make your own custom eyewear in a few hours.

Here the eyeglasses are made with natural materials, are born before your eyes and are bespoke, tailor-made, designed and conceived according to your style and your needs.

Endless possibilities

With more than 50 wood veneers, burls, slates, prints and organic materials like lavender, ground coffee, cork and a lot more to choose from, there will never be 2 of the same CREO glasses.

Traditional and modern techniques embrace each other

Inlaid wood, CNC pantograph, gouache gold leaf, laser engraving, pyrography, limestone printing,  brushes, mouse and keyboard. Equipment and techniques that I use for one purpose only: making beautiful and durable glasses.

Positano is full of art and beauty, source of endless inspirations, frequented by interesting peoples with the most different design ideas, allowing me to run wild with creativity.

Bespoke glasses

Visit the store, find the style you’d like, and even if is not there, contact me so we can design togheter your custom sunglasses! Or even better, come to Positano, to my shop! Let’s talk about your idea of eyeglasses, and how we can make it real. Together we’ll desing your bespoke eyewear.